Learn How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time With God 

The Bible sat open in front of me, turned to a random page. I lost track of how many times that day I had “tried” and “failed” to spend quiet time with God. Countless interruptions came and went and I found myself despaired. Was having daily time with God, that exceptional of a request?

But that wasn’t my only problem. When I finally was able to nail down my quiet time with God, I wasn’t necessarily sure exactly how to have a quiet time.

Finding time with God wasn’t the only issue.

I was raised in a Christian home and have known all my life that spending quiet time with God is an essential part of the Christian walk. I know that spending quiet time with God definitely has it’s benefits for me, personally. But somehow, my quiet time fell short.

Do I let the Bible fall open, reading whichever page it happened to turn to? What if it happened to be Leviticus? I didn’t want to learn about ugly boils. I need something to encourage my faith! I know! I’ll read the Psalms….for the umpteenth time this year. So soothing and familiar, yet, I want my quiet time with the Lord to go deeper.

I needed a plan.

I have searched for a good daily quiet time Bible study, or even a quiet time Bible.

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But something was missing!

Does this sound like you? 

Your Time With God is More Important than You Might Think

Having a quiet time on a daily basis is by far, one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your family.

When you get alone with God and spend time in His Word, you will be able to handle life and all that it throws at you!

It’s like being rejuvenated. It’s the first step in creating a godly culture in your home. One that will allow you to leave a legacy of faith to your kids. Why? Because your kids will learn how to spend time with God, simply by watching you!

In addition, you will be a much wiser parent and you’ll know how to raise your kids according to God’s Word, thus creating a spiritual environment  in your home, that will one day allow you to leave a legacy of faith to your kids – and if the Lord wills, one day, your grandkids.

Don’t miss this! There is more at stake to your spending time with God, than meets the eye!

If that overwhelms you, don’t worry!

No pressure! I’ve got you covered! We’ll talk about it in a minute! Just hang with me!

If you aren’t in the habit of making time for God, then it may seem overwhelming to you and you might not know where to start.

Sit back and relax! Once we’re done talking, you’ll know exactly how to have quiet time with God. You’ll see that it’s not hard. Spending quiet time with God is the most rewarding part of your spiritual existence. 

First You Need to Learn How to Make Time for God

Easier said than done, right? I hear you!

I have seven kids and my house is rarely ever quiet. Sometimes it seems that no matter how early I commit to getting up and out of bed, someone is right there on my heels ready to take the “quiet” out of my time! I used to struggle with feeling like if I couldn’t manage to get up before the kids, be completely clothed, have eaten breakfast and have the house in order, then it just wasn’t worth it for me to spend time alone with God.

I always wanted to be able to say that at ‘such-and-such’ a time every day, I would have my quiet time with God.  (That was seven kids ago! 🙂 )

In my head I always dreamed of a serene morning where I sipped tea and the birds chirped in the background as I spent an hour spending time with God, meditating on verses, praying, and memorizing Scripture.

Let’s just say that I don’t think this has ever happened in my entire life.

Not once!

I have begun to realize that having a quiet time, in reality, might not look the same as it does in my head. And that’s OK!

Your Quiet Time Might Look Different Than the Ideal

What I can tell you is that if I waited for perfect to happen I would never have a quiet moment with God.

So when I tell you how to make time to spend in God’s Word, it’s going to sound a little different than a typical structured answer.

You need to find a time, yes!

But I understand that in the midst of raising kids and all of the other responsibilities that come with being a mom, you probably are not going to have a daily given time that happens at the same time every day. 

So what I want you to do is to find A time every day.

Some days it may be in the morning, and some days it may be in the evening.

Some days you may have to hide quietly in your bathroom spending time with Jesus, if only for five minutes.

But that’s OK!

I want you to commit to not going to bed without having spent some time in the Bible at some point during the day.

Eventually you will learn how to make time for God each day, and embrace the fact that it might not always be the same time each day.

Find a Place to Spend Quiet Time With God

Are you familiar with the movie War Room?

If you aren’t, I recommend that you watch it. It’s an awesome movie! The gist of the movie is about a woman who spent her quiet time with God in her closet. (I don’t want to go into depth here and spoil the movie for you – you’ll have to watch it!)

She ripped apart repurposed her closet and made that area a dedicated place where she could meet with God on a daily basis.

You Don’t Have to Have a War Room – Although It’s Really Cool!

After watching it, I was totally pumped and wanted to make my own War Room! 

I had ideas of turning our walk-in closet into my own little prayer corner, because let’s face it, I never have anything to wear anyway, so why did I really need a closet?

After trying to convince my husband that it would be a good idea (he said that actually, I did have things to wear and that I did need my closet!) I had to concede to the fact that I just don’t live in Hollywood, (and things don’t always go like they do in the movies – but her War Room was soooo cool! 🙂 ).

I decided that even though I couldn’t have a dedicated area to meet with God, I could still find a place somewhere in my house on a daily basis where I could find time to be alone with God.

Where Can You Go to Have a Daily Quiet Time With God?

In the same way that it’s not likely that you will find a dedicated time, you probably won’t find a dedicated place. (Sorry! It’s just reality) And it’s also probably pretty unlikely that you will want to rip apart your closet. So now that we’re both over that notion, let’s get real! 😉

I just want you to think of a place that you can go at any given time during the day and quietly commune with God.

  • Do you have a pantry with a door?
  • Or a basement where nobody will find you?
  • Maybe it’s your bedroom or even your bathroom.
  • A small area of your house that could be repurposed into a meeting with the Lord, place you could call your own?

You just need to find some place that you can meditate on Scripture for a few minutes. Additionally, it’s helpful if you could keep your quiet time materials stored there so you know where your things are and can have them accessible. 

Find a Passage of Scripture to Read

I, myself, have found that one of the most difficult things to overcome in having an effective quiet time, is figuring out what to read.

This seems to be even more difficult than actually figuring out how to make time for God.

Because if I’m honest, I can usually carve out at least a half an hour per day that I waste doing something unnecessary where time is concerned.

I have looked for a good quiet time with God devotional, and have searched for scriptures on spending time with God. I’ve Googled, “christian quiet time ideas” and everything has come up short.

It’s been hard for me to find a good plan that I can stick to. One that allows for flexibility in my schedule as a wife and mama of seven kiddos, but yet is deep enough that I actually feel like I’ve spent quality time in my Bible.

However, when it comes to finding a passage, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

It really becomes a matter of shifting your mindset and realizing that as long as you are spending time with God, the format isn’t as important.

You may feel like you have to have the perfect book or the perfect tools in order to study your Bible.

But I’m here to say that you need to get perfect out of your head! Hopefully you already realize that! (Didn’t we already talk about this?! 🙂 ) 

Enter: The Quiet Time Companion that Will Help Point You in the Right Direction

quiet time kit, bible study resources, bible study, discipleship

Since my schedule, and my life, really, are so varied, and I have kids of all ages, along with other responsibilities as a wife and a mom, I needed a quiet time guide to help me with the struggles I had in keeping a consistent Bible study time.

I wanted a resource that could bend and flex with me as I navigate the twists and turns of life. One that had options like various Bible reading plans and choices in reading plans. I already told you that I had trouble finding the right Bible quiet time guide, so I decided to make my own!

It has truly been a blessing!

And best of all, I made a version for my daughter so we could use it for our mother/daughter discipleship.

You can check out The Quiet Time Kit and The Quiet Time Kit for Girls, here.

It has been a tremendous blessing for me and best of all, it has helped me begin to pass my faith on to my daughter, as well.

Here Are a Few Other Ideas to Get You Started and Help You Figure Out Where to Start Reading in the Bible.

  • PSALMS – The Psalms are so full of hope and encouragement that they are a great place to start reading when you aren’t sure where to start. I would recommend starting at the first chapter and working your way through the entire book (even if you’ve already ready them a thousand times! 😉 )
  • PROVERBS – Proverbs has 31 chapters which makes it the perfect book to read in a month. Read one chapter for every day of the month. Don’t worry if you miss a day! Just skip the chapter and go on to the next chapter that matches the date.
  • THE GOSPELS – The Gospels are fascinating to read and will teach you all about Jesus’ life and ministry while he was here on Earth.
  • THE EPISTLESThe Epistles are some of my favorite places to read because I am a very practical person and I find them to be very applicable.

I would recommend against letting your Bible fall open to any particular passage and reading something random. You really  want to be intentional about spending time with God, making the most out of it. (Even if you can’t spend an hour a day in the Bible! 😉 )

Add Additional Resources to Your Quiet Time to Further Enhance Your Study

There are so many good resources available to help you learn how to spend time with God. You aren’t limited to just one. Thank fully, many are FREE and available online. 

Check out Bible.org for starters.

I also really like Ron Rhodes, ‘The Key Ideas Bible Handbook: Understanding and Applying All the Main Concepts Book by Book.’

The Halley’s Bible Handbook is an oldie, but a goodie.

If you’re pressed for time, the ESV Audio Bible is a great way to spend time with God, even if you can’t sit down and read from your Bible. You can listen to it instead.

The Bible.is app is one of my favorites for a narrated version of the Bible.

Of course, you need a Bible! This is my favorite one and the exact one I use.

For recommended sermons, I love Pastor Colin Smith’s sermons. (Hint: The Quiet Time Kit has pages for taking sermon notes, as well! 🙂 )

Finally….Just Do It!

Sometimes it’s tempting to keep waiting until you have the right time or the right place or the right resources, etc.

But the most important thing is that you just get into God’s Word and read it!

You’ll get better as you go along and you’ll understand more and more each time! Eventually, what once seemed like a scattered mess and an overwhelming task will become something you look forward to with fondness. 

I no longer procrastinate spending time with God. Now that I have my Quiet Time Kit, I have a plan. And it’s so much easier to just do it! 

Bonus: My Quiet Time Hack That Really Works

A trick that I’ve found – though not ideal – but better than nothing, is to keep my Bible open somewhere in the house. Like the kitchen counter, for example.

Though I would love to spend hours of uninterrupted time enjoying quiet moments with God, (see above) it’s not always feasible. If I have my Bible laying open, then I can pass by and read a verse or two here and there and meditate on it as I go about my daily responsibilities.

Will my quiet time ever be perfect? No. But I’m learning to have a quiet time with God each day and I’m so thankful for the way my faith grows each time I choose to spend time with God.

May God bless you as you study His Word as well!

Let’s Recap:

  1. Your Time With God is More Important than You Might Think
  2. First You Need to Learn How to Make Time for God
  3. Your Quiet Time Might Look Different Than the Ideal
  4. Find a Place to Spend Quiet Time With God
  5. Find a Passage of Scripture to Read
  6. Enter: The Quiet Time Companion that Will Help Point You in the Right Direction
  7. Here Are a Few Other Ideas to Get You Started and Help You Figure Out Where to Start Reading in the Bible.
  8. Add Additional Resources to Your Quiet Time to Further Enhance Your Study
  9. Finally….Just Do It!

How about you? What are effective ways that you have your quiet time? Do you find it difficult to stay consistent? Are there any good resources you would like to recommend? Please comment below and let me know! I would love to hear!

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