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Looking for ways to enhance your quiet time with God? You’ve come to the right place!

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How to Make Your Quiet Time With God More Personal

Over the years I’ve tried to copy many models of quiet time, thinking it was the key to spending effective quiet time with God.

I know there are benefits of having a quiet time with God, but I haven’t always been sure of the right way to spend time in God’s Word.

But then I realized that God doesn’t care what model I follow; whether or not I’m using the perfect schedule or the right materials.

God wants my heart.

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And He wants yours.

Have you gotten stuck wondering exactly how to personalize your quiet time and make it special and meaningful?

If you’re like me, you may desire to spend time in God’s Word, but you’re not exactly how to make that work.

  • What does it look like?
  • What do I read?
  • When do I do it?
  • What materials do I use?

Those are all valid questions. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll feel a little stress roll off and you’ll realize that spending time in God’s Word is really what’s most important.

The how and what:

Not so much.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can personalize your quiet time.

Evaluate Your Schedule

First, consider your schedule and think about what works for you.

Most people will suggest spending your quiet time first thing in the morning, when everything is fresh and new.

In fact, I’ve even heard some people say, “No Bible, no breakfast!”


Some days I would never eat!

Because my mornings just don’t look so pristine. Sometimes they are anything but peaceful. In fact, chaotic might be a better word!

My ideal quiet time with the Lord has always been painted nicely in my mind.

I imagine getting up quietly out of bed, tiptoeing to my favorite quiet spot, and grabbing my Bible and a hot tea and enjoying spending time in God’s Word.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

But then, my four-year-old hops right out of bed on my heels, eager to start some early morning chatter and of course, hungry enough to eat a horse!

Then the baby cries out, needing a morning nursing session.

And the dog has to go outside.


So much for quiet time!

Please Tell Me I’m Not Alone! Does This Happen at Your House?

Have you been there? Set on (even excited for) your quiet time and then struggling with the emotions that come when your hopes are dashed.

It seems to defeat the purpose.

The problem is, an early morning quiet time works well for some women. Even some women with little children.

But it hasn’t worked well for me. Throughout the years, I’ve had kids who wouldn’t sleep, kids who are early risers, kids who wouldn’t sleep (OH wait…did I say that already??!!)

So I learned to evaluate my schedule.

Quiet time doesn’t have to happen in the morning in order to be effective!

I’ve found the most uninterrupted time for me has been at night. And that’s what works for me.

So what works for you?

  • Early morning?
  • Late evening?
  • Nap time?
  • Mid morning?

What time of the day best works for you? Find that time and then start your quiet time plan.

Find Materials That Work For You

If you are a chef, you need good cooking equipment. And a doctor needs the right equipment to do his job.

Indeed, if you want to study God’s Word, and spend time with Him, then you need to have the right materials.

In fact, there are many materials available for studying God’s Word.

Here are a few things that I’ve found helpful:

ESV Study Bible

Bullet Journal

A Nice Pen

She Reads Truth App

Peppermint Tea

The Quiet Time Kit Can Help You

I’ve created The Quiet Time Kit to help you have a personalized resource to help you really enhance your quiet time. You can check out The Quiet Time Kit here.

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Don’t Compare Your Quiet Time to Others

Work hard not to compare yourself to anyone else. Make sure your quiet time is personal and tailored to you.

As I mentioned in the example above, an early morning quiet time just didn’t work for me. For years, I felt guilty for not being awake several hours before my kids, having already done my devotions.

If you find yourself in that same position, then please don’t compare.

God just wants you to spend time with Him. He doesn’t care if your quiet time looks like everyone else’s.

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Give Yourself Grace

There will just be days when you don’t quite measure up.

Some days spending time in God’s Word just isn’t a reality.

And that’s okay.

Just do your best not to make a habit of it. Remember that there are always other ways to spend time reflecting on Scripture (audio Bible, podcasts, etc.)

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.

It defeats the purpose!

Hop right back into your schedule as soon as possible, and don’t look back!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Things

In order to personalize your quiet time, it might mean trying things that aren’t quite as conventional as you may have learned in Sunday School!

Perhaps listening to an audio Bible is the best way to spend time in God’s Word.

Actually, for me, as a mama of little kids, sometimes it means watching YouTube videos of Sunday school songs and reflecting on all that God has done for me.

Of course, that’s not my normal quiet time, but anything that leads me to reflect on God’s character and who He is, will grow my faith.

Realize That Seasons Change

Thankfully, I know that my quiet time won’t always involve watching YouTube videos of smiley Sunday School characters, but for now that’s the season I’m in.

And I know that seasons change.

If you have little kids running around, it can be quite discouraging to feel like you will never get to spend time in the Bible without interruptions. But there will come a day when you have more than enough time to meditate on Scripture.

It’s not always kids that make having a quiet time difficult. Perhaps, you have a job that requires crazy hours or responsibilities with family members.

Whatever the case, remember that your life today will likely not look the same way a year from now.

Embrace the fact that seasons change, and go with it.

Change it Up

I get bored quickly.

As a result, I’ve found that changing the way I do quiet time helps keep me focused and on track.

I like to try different things and read different passages of Scripture. Now, consistency is important, don’t get me wrong!

Writing Scripture has also been very beneficial for personalizing my quiet time with God.

But finding new materials, and new ways to have a quiet time, keeps me encouraged and enthusiastic about making quiet time a priority and helps keep it personalized to my likes and needs.

After all, they say, variety is the spice of life!

Change up your quiet time and you might just find that it’s one way to make your time in the Word unique and a specific to you.

Make It a Priority to Meet With God Every Day, But…

Don’t worry if that’s not the same time each day. Just make sure you find a time to spend with God.

Hopefully you can see that the theme here is consistency which is sometimes difficult at various stages of life.

Therefore, I’ve found it helpful to let go of perfection and the thought that I need to have a set and scheduled time to spend with God every day, and that if I don’t get that time, then I might as well forget it.

I started adopting the philosophy that as long as I spend time in God’s Word at some point during the day before I go to bed, then I’m satisfied with that.

My personalized quiet time routine doesn’t have to fit the mold of everyone else’s.

And neither does yours!

Learn the Spiritual Disciplines

Then practice a new one each week or each month.

Learning and practicing the spiritual disciplines is a great way to personalize your quiet time.

I highly recommend this book. Once you read it, pick one of the spiritual disciplines that you need to work on.

Since you’re the one choosing what you study, you will definitely be personalizing your quiet time. 

Need to work more on Scripture memory or grow your prayer life? Practicing the spiritual disciplines is a great way to do that.

The time you spend in Scripture will be well spent by making your study unique to you.

Keep Track of What You Do

It’s important that you know what you’re doing and what’s working for you.

Track the things you do for your quiet time in a journal, being careful to make notes about what you like and don’t like.

That way when you look back, you’ll know what things to focus on and what things just don’t work for you.

Go With What Works For You

Personalizing your quiet time will make it more special, meaningful, and effective for you. Don’t worry about whether or not you fit the mold of everyone else.

Just focus on spending time in God’s Word and watch the results of the Holy Spirit’s work in your life!

How about you? How do you personalize your quiet time? What things have you found helpful for making your quiet time with God effective? 

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Learning how to have a quiet time and make it your own can be difficult. Find out how spending time with God and making it personal can help your faith grow.

How to Personalize Your Quiet Time With God