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Do you have a longing in your heart to pass your faith on to your kids, but you’re just not sure how. Maybe you’re like I was. I knew I wanted my kids to be firmly rooted in their faith and enjoy spending time in God’s Word. But daily, I struggled to know exactly how to accomplish what I wanted so badly for my kids. I knew I didn’t want them to grow up only going to church on Sunday, thinking that the rest of the week was time ‘off’ from church. But I lacked a plan. And it felt like I couldn’t fit one more thing into my day! After sitting down with my husband several years ago, we developed our Family W.O.R.S.H.I.P. plan. Together we figured out how to make faith a priority through Family Worship.

Not only does everyone participate, but we look forward to and enjoy it! In fact, it’s my favorite part of the day!

Family Worship is the one of the greatest ways you can pass your faith on to your children and hopefully one day, their children as well.

It’s the point where you actually get to show your kids how to live out their faith in God. It’s a great way to keep a real sense of God in your life throughout the entire week.

If we’re not careful, it’s easy to keep God in a box that we take out only on Sundays. But if you want to teach your children that your faith is a priority,  then they’ll need to see it between Sundays.

The method that we have used in our family ties into our kids (and our) own personal Quiet Time. We have found the best way is to choose a book of the Bible and then have our kids spend their Quiet Time reading a chapter in that book.

Here’s What Family Worship Looks Like Fleshed Out

I’ll give you an inside look into our day:

After lunch is cleaned up and the littles are laid down for a nap, (in other words, the house is nice and quiet) the big kids each find a spot in the house. They read the agreed upon chapter for the day (everyone reads the same passage.) Then they use the S.O.A.P method to dig into the Word.

(Stay tuned because I will be posting an article on how to teach your kids to have their own personal Quiet Time shortly!)

Encouraging your kids to have their own Quiet Time is something I cannot stress enough. Teach them to spend time in Scripture while they’re young, and they will develop the habit for a lifetime.

Each of our kids who can read has his or her own personal time each day after lunch for about a half an hour (give or take) and the kids who aren’t old enough to read yet have their own ‘Quiet Time,’ sitting on their beds, scrolling through Bible picture books.

In the evening, after dinner, we read the Scripture passage together. (My husband and I read the same chapter during our own personal Quiet Time.)

We divide up the chapter and go around the room taking turns reading a few verses at at time. It’s also a great time for our beginning readers to start practicing their reading aloud skills. And also for kids to get comfortable studying the Bible in a group.

After we’ve finished reading the passage, we ask each child to share with us what their favorite part of Quiet Time or Family Worship was. It can be a verse that stood out or something that they’ve learned in their Quiet Time.

It Amazes Me to Know How Deeply Kids Think

Then we discuss it and answer any questions they may have. We have entertained many deep discussions with our kids during Family Worship.

Its amazing to see how much is going around in their heads. Sometimes my kids’ questions challenge me and cause me to think a little deeper. Other times, it’s encouraging because my husband and I can share the ways Scripture has touched our lives. We’ve also been able to testify of God’s goodness and times we’ve learned to depend on Him. If we have time, we can spend hours talking to the kids and getting to know their hearts. It’s one of my favorite times of the day! (Did I already mention that?  🙂 )

Spending time together in the Word by using the S.O.A.P. and W.O.R.S.H.I.P (more on this in just a minute. I’m almost there! I promise!) method has really brought our family together and increased our faith. This method works so well because it keeps continuity within our family. When we are all reading the same passages of Scripture throughout the day, we have things in common to discuss.

What About the Little Kids? 

For the little kids who can’t read, we just have them participate by using a Bible picture book that they can quietly look through as we do Family Worship. Sometimes I have them color a Bible picture page.

As long as they are quiet during Family Worship time, I don’t mind if they are not actually hearing every word that’s being said. For now, I’m content just to have them with us, seeing the example of what goes on and learning from what they catch.

When it’s time for songs, they put away their quiet activities and participate. This is their favorite time! 

This is the Easiest Way to Lead Family Worship

During Family Worship we use the acronym W.O.R.S.H.I.P. to keep us on track. My husband and I thought about which elements we wanted to promote in our time around the Word, together as a family. Here is what we came up with and I hope it’s a blessing for your family as well! 

  • W – Word. We read the Word together
  • O – Observations. This is the time when the kids tell us their favorite verse or verses and what they learned when reading or studying during their own personal Quiet Time
  • R – Rejoice. We rejoice over the ways that God is using His Word in our hearts to change us. It’s a great time to talk about God’s goodness.
  • S – Sing. We use our TV and YouTube to help us out, since our family isn’t overly musical. At the beginning of the week, we divide up our kids and assign them the job of picking out praise songs for us to sing together. We ask them to find songs that display the lyrics, so we can all sing. Then they pick out one new song, one old favorite, and one song that the little kids will like. It works out very well and gives the kids a part in our Family Worship time. Recently our family has really enjoyed Seeds Family Worship.  It’s all Scripture set to music. (Highly recommend.) Seeds is a GREAT way to memorize Scripture very easily. 
  • H – Highlight. This is the point in our family worship where we highlight something that we want to discuss with our kids. It could be something recently happening in the news and we relate it to scripture, or an ethics question. Perhaps we’ll discuss a missionary. We use this time for interaction and to really make faith come alive in our kids’ lives.
  • I – Instruct. We use this time loosely to cover something that we want to teach. It could be a character trait or a time to discuss a hot topic. We also like to use it as a time to discuss ethics questions.
  • P – Pray. We spend time asking the kids for praises and prayer requests, as well as answered prayer. In doing so, we help them to see the importance of bringing our requests to God. We encourage different kids to close us in prayer. It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to praying publicly.

The Blessings Will Come Down

I promise that if you take the time with your kids to spend in the Word together as a family, you will be blessed! There is something special about worshipping God together. You will strengthen your own faith as well as your kids’!

Does your family have a special time together where you do Family Worship? What traditions do you have? I’d love to hear your ideas! Have you ever tried to make faith a priority through family worship?

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